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M1 Controller Launch Has Begun!

July 9th, 2009 No comments

nws_m1_onlyFollowing years of careful design and development NW Signal proudly announces the full release of our new M1 NEMA ATC.  Imagine finally being able to migrate from TS1 to TS2, or integrate with 2070 controllers in a common coordinated system, seamlessly!  First installations are now serving intersections in Idaho and Washington with more coming soon.

Maston Wolfe, our company’s leader from its first day and former military engineer, envisioned building a ruggedly robust controller with upgradeable components and tactically powerful firmware.  M1 is his brainchild and proudly, our legacy to the industry he loved so much.

M1’s firmware supports full-spectrum timing controls including: phase functions & timing, coordination including our adaptive control algorithm, flexible preemption programming, TSP and a powerful user-logic programming language built in.  D-connectors are interchangeable to match several cabinet types.  Input and Output function assignments are easily changed.  M1 simplifies data communications by supporting multiple protocols and media, simultaneously.  M1 natively integrates with 2070 controllers operating NWS Voyage software supporting multi-agency coordinated systems.  M1’s quality is matched only by NW Signal’s generous and accessible engineering and technical support.  Contact us to learn more and check out one of our M1 demo units!